“My Pet Wormy Worm” goes to School!

A FUN and EXCITING hands on program that educates children with our red wigglers.

“My Pet Wormy Worm” and Friends go to school!

The children learn about how our garden grows from garbage.

Things that they are using to make the worms bedding; recycled pizza boxes, newspapers, cereal boxes, plastic bins, and junk mail and a little bit of water.



The children will learn about vermicomposting, recycling, re-purposing and reducing waste that would otherwise go into our landfills.

Schools and organizations that “My Pet Wormy Worm” and friends are at:

Amelia Earhart- Alameda, CA

De Colores Head Start- Oakland, CA

Bay Farm Elementary School-Alameda, CA

Henry Haight Elementary School-Alameda, CA

Washington Elementary School-Alameda, CA

GoGreenWithUs.info- Alameda, CA

Expanded Pathways- Oakland,CA

HeartMind House- Oakland, CA

Thank you to the Organizations that support our programs:

Altamont education advisory board

The Rose Foundation

Contact us if you are interested in our program for your School!